Senior Back-end Developer

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Senior Back-end Developer

We're looking for Back-end Developers to join our team


What we do

We are two years into developing a native cloud based data delivery platform from scratch. Our platform is a fully managed service for data warehousing, data collection, transformation, enhancement and reporting services. Our platform is pretty exciting, and we are looking for skilled people who can contribute and take joy from making it easier and cheaper to put data to use.

Who we are

We champion knowledge and that people should work with what is interesting and purposful to them. We balance personal development with our everyday tasks. 

As senior back-end developer with us, you join a team that build and maintain all server side systems for our data delivery platform. Our chief tasks is to deliver ease-of-use, efficiency, automation and quality in scale.

You get to

  • develop yourself as we develop our team and our company
  • enforce automation in building, testing and deployment of applications
  • develop scalable database solutions
  • work along all key parts of data journeys
  • api first design
  • enjoy github, infrastructure as code, serverless, modern programming languages, docker, and mainsteam cloud providers

You are

  • an intuitively wired programmer, ready to hit the ground running
  • an ambitious, positive and reliable person
  • curious about new technology, and willing to both learn from and advise the rest of your team
  • experienced in building scalable, high-performance backend services
  • at your best when developing fully integrated cloud based services in scale

We look forward to having you on our team!